Weekly meal delivery is a wonderful option for those who lead an extremely busy lifestyle, but still insist on delicious and well balanced meals.  As a member of the Chefs Collaborative I pride myself in using locally sourced and/or organic ingredients whenever possible (this information will be noted on the weekly menu upon delivery).  Using my culinary skills and nutritional training I am focused on providing delicious meals that are both well balanced and delectable.  


Meal drop offs will be on Sunday evenings between 3:00pm and 5:00pm (should you need an alternative time please email and I will accommodate your request if possible).  Menus will offer 3 dinner meals as well as 1-2 lighter items that can be used to supplement further dinners throughout the week or as lunches on the go.

I will provide weekly menus via email several days in advance for your perusal.  Any special requests (beyond your dietary restrictions provided) should be sent via email by Saturday at 12:00pm.  I will do my best to honor any special requests.  

Should you not desire a drop off for the coming week it is your responsibility to notify me via email or phone call/voicemail (please no text messages) the Friday before drop off.

New Clients:  Please provide the following information:

  • Dietary restrictions/personal preferences 
  • Address for day of drop off
  • Best number to reach you at time of drop off


Weekly Fee Structure:

Chef Fee/Delivery:         $ 79.00

Per Person Charge:        $ 99.00


Many of my clients place a high value on eating healthfully and improving their nutrition, while desiring delicious, rewarding food.  Nutritious balanced meals, when selected and prepared with inspiration, can be delightful and exciting.  My culinary expertise and nutrition training allows me to bring the best of both to your table, and assist you in doing so on your own!

By consulting with you, I can analyze your current diet and assist you in supplementing your meals to see your unique nutritional goals. My expert coaching can improve on a variety of clients lifestyles, including:

Busy lifestyle – you are often too busy to cook healthfully or at all, yet you have a desire to eat healthy, whole foods and to have knowledge of and input into your diet. You also find that delicious, gourmet food is extremely soothing and rewarding.

Diet restrictions – for specific medical reasons, or simply due to health concerns, you wish to limit certain ingredients and enhance others in your diet; yet you feel you struggle to create interesting and varied meals with these guidelines. Despite having to give up certain things, you still know you deserve delicious meals.

Athlete – you are an athlete – a “weekend warrior”, a serious amateur or even a professional athlete. You realize diet plays a critical role in your training, and you would like help designing meal plans which will be both delicious and rewarding but also will lead to peak performance.

Family health – you place a high value on nutrition for your family and want to establish healthy life-long eating habits for your children. Yet hectic schedules prevent you from preparing the types of meals you’d like, and you fall back on “quick” food. Instead, you would love to be able to serve your family gourmet, healthy meals¸ and enjoy those precious moments together, rather than rushing around the kitchen.

My training and experience allow me to guide clients through the sometimes confusing waters of balanced and healthful eating.  My goal is to give you enhanced nutrition and a great culinary experience at every meal.